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Clydebank Crest
Linnvale & Drumry

Linnvale & Drumry Community Council

This Community Council holds monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month [except July and August] at
Onslow Road Community Centre
Onslow Road
Tel: 0141 562 0116

        Chair:             John Hainey


        Secretary:       Lorraine Hamilton

           Email Secretary:


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The Linnvale & Drumry Communities now have an active Community Council representing ALL residents who have a postcode beginning with
G81 2**
(click to see Boundary Map)
Even through your Community Council is up and running, YOU can still become
 a Community Councillor on the Linnvale & Drumry Community Council. 
You can be co-opted onto the CC if you consider you have
something special to offer your community

If you are willing to assist the Community Council - or become a
Community Councillor yourself - please take a look at
  ‘The Role of a Community Councillor’ web page -

....then log onto
West Dunbartonshire Council’s own web page

Community Councils in West Dunbartonshire

WELL DONE ! If you want any clarification, please contact
Kate Coleman, West Dunbartonshire Community Council Liaison Officer 
tel:  01389 737 149  or
“Strength Through Community”

Alternatively, if you just want to ‘sit in’ on one of the monthly Community Council meetings as a member of the public - and you have that G81 2* postcode?

**G81 2 EXCEPTIONS: Greer Quadrant + properties west side of Kilbowie Road between
 A82 Gt Western Road and Clyde Court Care Home.  These residents are in the neighbouring
Parkhall, North Kilbowie & Central (Radnor Park) Community Council
-  check the individual postcode listing here -

Please note: Community Council meetings are not 'public open meetings' but meetings held in a public arena. There is a difference..... members of the public can speak, but only if and when invited to do so by the Chairperson.