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Clydebank Crest
Dalmuir & Mountblow

Dalmuir & Mountblow Community Council

This Community Council holds a 7pm monthly evening meeting
on the first Thursday of the month at
Dalmuir CE Centre
Duntocher Road
Tel: 0141 562 2484

Now your Community Council is up and running, YOU can still become
 a Community Councillor on Dalmuir & Mountblow Community Council. 
YOU can be co-opted onto the CC if you consider you have
something special to offer your community

If you ARE willing to assist the Community Council - OR become a
Community Councillor yourself - please take a look at
  ‘The Role of a Community Councillor’ web page -

....then contact 
 D&M’s Community Council Secretary - Liz Gill
.....and visit the Community Councils’ facebook page

    and look at    
West Dunbartonshire Council’s own web page

Community Councils in West Dunbartonshire

 Finally, if you want any further clarification, please contact
Kate Coleman, West Dunbartonshire Community Council Liaison Officer 
tel:  01389 737 149  or

Alternatively, if you just want to ‘sit in’ on one of the monthly Community Council meetings as a member of the public - and you have a G81 4* postcode?
Come and meet with your Community Councillors, local West Dunbartonshire Councillors, as well as Community Police and representatives from West Dunbartonshire Council and Utility Companies. Tell them about your ideas, concerns and opinions. Then together, as a community, we can look after our area by having our voices heard and getting action on the real issues and problems that directly affect our everyday lives.

So, an interested member of the public or an active Community Councillor, Dalmuir & Mountblow is already benefiting from having a Community Council  that’s looking after the interests of ALL its residents
“Strength Through Community”

IF you have a G60 5 postcode
but not in the ‘village’ of Old Kilpatrick?
....then Dalmuir & Mountblow CC MAY BE your Community Council too ?

All residentia properties within the ‘Western Isles’ Estate and with the post code starting G60 5 - although within the Royal Mail Post Code area for Old Kilpatrick - have been included the Dalmuir & Mountblow Community Council area. 
      Please refer to the boundary maps - and the list of G60 5 postcodes for the above found here.

( Note: The five residences 160-168 Mountblow Road [north end], three residences in Singer Road and three residences in Boquhanran Road fall into the adjoining
Parkhall, North Kilbowie & Central Community Council area)

 Community Council meetings are not 'public open meetings' but meetings held in a public arena. There is a difference..... members of the public can speak, but only if and when invited to do so by the Chairperson.