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Parkhall, North Kilbowie & Central Community Council

Commencing at the junction of the northern boundary of Clydebank East Community Council and the western boundary of Linnvale & Drumry Community Council, then continuing westward, north-westward and northward along the northern boundary of Clydebank East Community Council and Dalmuir & Mountblow Community Council to the junction with Great Western Road; then generally south eastward along said Road to the western boundary of Linnvale & Drumry Community Council; then generally southward along said boundary to the point of commencement.

    Appendix 5 - Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils 2011


The above map requires slight amendment to show the southern boundary line of this Community Council crossing the Canal, opposite Telford Court in Clydebank Business Park, to join the Clydebank/Dalmuir rail line.  The Community Council boundary should then follow the rail line from this point to where it joins the Singer/Dalmuir rail line, then all the way to Mountblow Road.

Which WDC Local Councillor[s] has/have responsibility for this area?
There was a change in 2007 from the eleven West Dunbartonshire Local Councillor Wards in Clydebank, each with a single WDC Councillor, to a three Ward system.  These three larger Wards, Kilpatrick, Central & Waterfront, have three, four, four WDC Councillors respectively.

This Community Council falls mainly within Ward 5 - Clydebank Central, which is covered by the following WDC Councillors:

              Denis Agnew
              Jim Brown
              Patrick McGlinchey
              John Mooney

Clydebank Business Park falls within Ward 6 - Clydebank Waterfront, until May 4th 2017, and presently covered by the WDC Councillor s below. After May 4th 2017 the Business Park is transferred into Clydebank Central Ward.                     

              Gail Casey                                
              William Hendrie
              Marie McNair                               
              Kath Ryall

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